What you are about to see is the result of years of hard work, long nights, and very little sleep. With my love for art and my passion to be a change agent of my generation, I knew digital art & fashion was my calling and vehicle to drive inspiration to others. I’m proud to represent fashionable products that are TRULY unorthodox and timeless. XODOHTRONU is far more than just a clothing line. Explore this page to see what we're all about! Want to know more about the brand? Click the link below!






"Its about being masculine and feminine at the same time"


Common items are home to XODOHTRONU essential items. Pieces in this collection are frequently restocked and are only retired & sent to The Vault after a prolonged period of time. Common items may also be found in abundance as giveaways which are dropped in certain locations, events, or offered at very discounted prices via our online shop.


Garments marked RARE are LIMITED EDITION meaning once stock is sold out the item will never be restocked or reproduced again. There is usually a set number of garments available for this style OR a time limit in which the item is available for purchase! Once all sizes of this item is sold out or the time limit for purchase is reached, it is retired to the vault!


Semi-Limited garments which are restocked sporadically!  Uncommon items are frequently created and released for targeted groups of people. They may  also only be available for purchase in certain areas or at specific events. Items in this collection are discontinued and retired to The Vault more frequently than Common Items.

A portion of all proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society or other Cancer related Charities in honor of Anita Prince-Coleman.



XODOHTRONU items are sold based on a rarity system. Once RARE items are sold out or Uncommon & Common items are no longer available for purchase, they are retired to the vault! Vaulted items are removed from our shop & are never again available for purchase. You may still view those items here!


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